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At DesignCare we firmly believe, every project is unique.

They can be large or small, complicated or simple, but will require our creative focus and attention to detail. Our success has always been to convert imaginations into design realities.

The Design Brief button will prompt you to provide us with the most useful pieces of information. Though the answers be short, long or ‘not applicable’, it will still enable us to begin finding a solution to your communication challenge.

Our experience suggests that the best briefs, are the ones that prompt you to pour out your visual thoughts, helping us link key pieces of information together.


What information will I need to provide a good Design Brief ?

  Project background, Project objectives, Target audience, Your competitors, Any specific images/photos/Logos and text, Any guidelines to follow? Any existing marketing to be aware of? Production deadlines and Budgets etc.


Do I need to contact DesignCare once I've sent my brief ?

  We will get in touch with you for an obligation free appointment, soon as an initial research of your company and its environment has been done by us. At this point we will discuss the depth of your project and give you a clear indication of project cost.
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